Three Ideas For Building A Patio Cover

If you have a patio in your home, and you can’t sit on it while the sun glares, you might consider going for a patio cover. Patios can be useless when it’s too hot or when it’s raining. A cover is a simple structure that can be put up even with the most plain materials and tools. Make use of these ideas to build your own covering.

Idea one:

Arbors are the most frequently used cover. An arbor is a structure or framework that supports the growth of plants and creepers like orchids. It is typically made from metal or wood. The structure is being supported by vertical columns, which are made from similar materials.

The upper portion is a matrix or grid of lightweight beams. After installing the arbor and erecting the roof, hang or plant the orchids and creepers on the framework. This helps you make your patio a lot cooler.

You can use lighter and well-suited roof to stop the rain from pouring into your patio. Roof tiles can be attached or mounted on the arbor as well. If you plan to do so, you need a durable material like wood or metal for the arbor.

Idea two:

You can go for the “sail away” technique of installing sails. The sail is a piece of canvas, which can be connected into supporting holes or tied down into the upper part of the arbor. It is at times 100% water proof. This method appears to be the handiest as it can be tied and removed as often as you want.

Use different umbrellas for the patio. Just like the sail, these umbrellas can be very convenient as well. The umbrellas can be installed and removed quickly.

You can choose from different colors, sizes and fashions. The umbrella manufacturers came up with modern ideas such as hanging umbrellas, those that are placed on stands and those that are shaped like canopies.

Idea three:

This idea is considered to be very weird. The entire patio is covered thus resembling a different room. Its sides have large French doors with a covered up roof. This can withstand any type of weather condition.

These are the ideas that you can use when you’re planning to put up your own covering. You can try out other innovative ideas. Just let your imagination roll. Think about how you could make your patio a better place to stay despite the rain and the glaring sun.

Installing a patio cover is a great way for you to enjoy your patio. Choose the idea that suits your taste best and get started. This will surely give you and your family a very good opportunity to enjoy the view of your surroundings.

Patio Covers – Benefits of Having Patio Covers

Traditionally patios are typical American homes fixture used as an entertaining area when a family or friends come over for an informal dinner or Sunday afternoon barbecue, when it’s really nice out there. In some cases, parents sit and read on the patio while watching the kids pay in the backyard. On the other hand, some people used it as a relaxation area or for family gathering outside the house.

Now you can well imagine that it is extremely important to install patio covers as patio will be usable all the time. Just imagine that you have some very important friends at your place for informal patio dinner and weather would not cooperate. Would you be in a position to cancel that party just because you never had patio covers installed? I am sure it would be very embarrassing moment for you and you can avoid it by installing some reliable patio covers. Therefore, It would not only be helpful for you to protect your patio but it will also add to its attraction and you will be able to do so much more in your patio and have fun than when it was left exposed to the elements which is never recommended.

You can enjoy the rainy weather in your patio, play games and can party with your friends and family, if you have reliable patio covers installed. You would not believe but some people even put their computers and televisions out there in their patio to enjoy games and movies with friends and family because they know it’s all protected due to covers they have installed.

There is no doubt about the fact that well structured patio with covers can improve the overall looks of any house. You can treat it as a part of the garden or design it as an extension of hours as there are no limitations to keep it as a traditional wooden platform with couple of chairs and a table.

You can design its looks by yourself to make your patio more interesting and good-looking as you would want.As patios are mostly used for informal type of gathering, it is advisable to keep its structure wooden as it would blend well with natural environment of the backyard. On the other hand, if you are a busy person, the maintenance of wood might become difficult as the years go by, therefore you can consider alternative options for patio covers such as metal frames.

Do it Yourself With a Patio Cover Kit

Covered patios can be a great addition to nearly any home.  However, many homeowners are reluctant to spend the large amounts of money needed to hire a contractor to build or install a cover for their patio.  One convenient option that allows consumers to spend money and still enjoy the a beautiful awning or cover for their patio is installing a patio cover kit.

Investing in a cover for your patio can be beneficial to homeowners for many reasons.  A covered patio actually increases the usable square footage of your home.  A cover also protects your deck or patio from the sun and the elements, allowing it to last much longer.

A roof over your patio allows you to enjoy the outdoors in any weather.  Whether you are entertaining guests on the grill or relaxing all alone, you will not have to worry about rain or overexposure to sun.  Plus, the addition of a covered patio may even increase the value of your home.

Still, the price of installing a patio cover is a concern for many homeowners.  Patio cover kits are a great way to lower the blow to your wallet while still enjoying a lovely cover over your patio.

Cover kits come in standard sizes or in customizable kits designed to fit your home’s specifications.  While a standard kit is generally cheaper, your home may require a customized kit.  

Whatever design or material you prefer, chances are that there is a kit that fits with your tastes and preferences.  If you want lattice, solid aluminum, canvas, wood, or even a synthetic wood blend such as “alumawood,” you will be able to find the right patio cover kit for your needs.